Wood Trade

ARM Global Ltd. is an export and distribution leader of forest wood products, headquartered in the beautiful coastal city of Vancouver, British Columbia.

ARM Global Ltd. began in 2009 when our founders saw new opportunities in China for the Canadian lumber industry. The local North American wood products industry was in a downturn, and the Canadian government was looking to find new export markets for their lumber.

Since then, Coast Fraser has expanded its network and client base to over 15 nations with a worldwide supply chain and strategic logistic alliances. In China, we successfully set up an operating sales team division. ARM Global Ltd. has a proven international reputation for providing timely shipments of quality lumber and log species.


Our goal is to enrich, innovate and support the global forest products industry supply chain and provide value and benefits to our clients, suppliers, and third-parties


ARM Global Ltd. is committed to a business structure built on customer service, reliability, and sustainability. These core beliefs are vital to our efforts of providing global distribution services and establishing a growth-oriented, enriching multi-platform for our customers, business partners, and employees.

ARM Global Ltd:

  • Believes that mutual trust is the foundation of effective teamwork
  • Is dedicated to achieving unity and harmonious collaboration both internally and externally
  • Considers integrity, honesty, and respect as critical components of a trusting business relationship
  • Is a character driven organization that continuously applies proper work ethics as the main driving force in its successful business and industrial developments
  • Is a dedicated advocate of safe environmental procedures


ARM Global Ltd. places importance on being active in our communities, giving back to society, and contributing to the growth of the industry both within Canada and in other trading nations. We abide by local regulations conscientiously and embrace our social responsibilities diligently. Both professionally and morally, we are proudly associated with reputable business partnerships, notable association memberships, and worthy charities.