Surgical Instruments

Quality You Can Count On

ARM Global LLC surgical instruments are manufactured with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to provide you with reliable instruments at a cost-effective price. We offer a wide variety of surgical tools, including surgical kits. Whether you are looking for a pair of quality European surgical tools, marine grade stainless steel forceps or precision American made scissors, the quality of our surgical instruments is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Choosing research instruments and surgical tools is usually determined by researchers and is tied to their actual study. We offer and suggest the most commonly used surgical instruments in health sciences, social sciences and veterinary science. Here you will find instruments used for some

  • Electrosurgery
  • Non-Reflective Instruments for Microscopy
  • Veterinary Sciences
  • Neuroscience
  • Ophthalmology
  • Pathology

Infection Control Products

ARM Global LLC offers a broad category of infection control products to help you maintain a safe and compliant work area. Infection control products are designed to reduce the risk of disease contamination from one person to another. In our personal protective equipment line we offer a robust reusable face masks with

  • Sterilizers & Cleaners
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Sterilization Baskets And Trays
  • Detergents
  • Disinfectants
  • Instruments Protection

Bone Instruments

These surgical instruments are designed for use on bones. These instruments include heavy duty, handheld instruments with a sharp edge like bone cutters and rongeurs, as well as instruments with a scoop-shape tip like curettes. These instruments are designed to cut bones or clear the surgical

  • Bone Cutters
  • Rongeurs
  • Curettes

European Surgical Instruments

Our European made instruments are the finest we offer, with a line of Swiss tweezers and a full line manufactured with German stainless steel.

  • German
  • Swiss

Hemostatic Forceps

Ring forceps (also called hemostatic forceps) are hinged and look like ring scissors. Frequently, hemostatic forceps have a locking mechanism called a ratchet, which is used for clamping. The jaws of the locking forceps gradually come together as each increment of the ratchet is

  • Hemostatic Forceps Stainless Steel
  • Hemostatic Forceps Titanium


Surgical tweezer, forceps, needle pullers – here’s some information on selecting the proper forceps for your application. Choosing Surgical Forceps Surgical forceps may be broadly divided into two categories, thumb forceps (frequently called surgical tweezers or pinning forceps) and ring.

  • Carbon Fiber Tipped Forceps
  • Dressing Forceps
  • Dumont Tweezers
  • Filter and Gel Handling Forceps
  • Hemostatic Forceps
  • Ophthalmic Forceps
  • Miscellaneous Forceps
  • Round Hollow Handle Tweezers
  • Student Fine Tweezers
  • Swiss Tweezers
  • Tissue Forceps
  • Tungsten Carbide Forceps
  • Titanium Forceps
  • Vessel Cannulation Forceps

Left Handed Scissors

Left hand scissors allow left-handed people: To be as precise as right-handed users, especially in delicate applications when results are critical. To use natural actions without a second thought. To use instruments with smooth, even action. To have the maximum control of their instruments.

Scalpels & Knives

Looking for scalpels or surgical knives for your research laboratory? We have disposable knives, sapphire blades, and standard scalpel blades and blade handles.

  • Disposable Knives
  • Sapphire Knives
  • Scalpel Blades
  • Scalpel Handles


Scissors are cutting tools with two blades joined in the center such that the sharp edges of the blades slip into each other. ARM Global LLC has a wide range of scissors, ranging from traditional ring scissors to spring scissors. When choosing a fine pair of surgical scissors or micro scissors, ARM Global LLC offers

  • Black Ceramic Coated Scissors
  • Diamond Coated Scissors
  • German Scissors
  • Ring Scissors Stainless Steel
  • Spring Scissors
  • Titanium Scissors
  • Vitrectomy Scissors

Single Use

You can get discounts if you buy surgical instruments in bulk. Our economy surgical instruments are typically sold in packages of 12. These are an ideal choice for students or for disposable use. All our bulk instruments are all made of surgical grade stainless steel. All sales are

Student Instruments

Our economy line of spring scissors are perfect for students who are doing small animal surgeries or dissection in a research laboratory. Our student spring scissors are manufactured from hardened surgical grade stainless steel. They are perfect for classroom use or as disposable instruments.

  • Forceps
  • Scissors
  • Single Use

Surgical Accessories

No animal surgical laboratory is complete without the extras. Whether you are looking for Catheters for Rodents, a microdrill or a new set of binocular loupes, let us help you select the equipment that’s right for your application.

  • Retractors, Self-Retaining
  • Retractors, Wire
  • Rodent Brain Matrices
  • Spoons & Spatulas
  • Swabs & Brushes
  • Vascular Catheters
  • Biopsy Punches
  • Ear Punches and Tags
  • Loupes
  • Micro Drill
  • Microscopes for Surgery
  • Other Surgical Accessories
  • Retractors, Hand

Surgical Kits

These kits offer common instruments used for specific applications, and they are offered at a discounted price.

  • Dental Kits
  • Other Kits
  • Student Kits
  • Surgical Kits
  • Veterinary Kits

Titanium Surgical Instruments

Titanium surgical instruments offer several advantages over stainless steel instruments: Titanium is lightweight with a high tensile strength. Titanium is durable, even after repeated autoclaving. Titanium is corrosion resistant, non-ferrous, non-magnetic and bio-compatible.

  • Forceps, Titanium
  • Misc Titanium Instruments
  • Needle Holders, Titanium
  • Scissors, Titanium

Wound Closure

Suture instruments are used to ligate, repair and approximate tissue after a surgical procedure. Needle holders Needle holders, also known as needle forceps or needle drivers, are used in suturing during a surgical procedure. Needle holders typically have a textured tip for a secure

  • Ring Handle Needle Holders
  • Skin Staplers
  • Spring Handle Needle Holders
  • Surgical Adhesives
  • Clips & Clamps
  • Needles
  • Needle Holders, Titanium

Laboratory Accessories

This surgical instrument categories includes a variety of items.

  • Luer Valve Kits
  • Luer Valve Parts
  • Other Laboratory Accessories