Electronic components

Work out your requirement profile with us.

We offer you, supplementary to standard, special solutions oriented on your application. As your contact partner for development as well as toolmaking we attend you during the entire project phase. In close arrangement with our Product Manager in Asia, the implementation will be co-ordinated and carried out.

With pleasure we’ll discuss with you our potentialities to provide you with even different products:


SMD Buzzer, Pin Buzzer, Electrodynamic or and magnetic Transducer, Pieze Buzzer or Transducer, Mini Speaker or Loudspeaker, Receiver unit, SMD Electret Microphone, Ultrasonic Sensors


Lithium Polymer Ionen batteries, Lithium Cobalt Dioxide LiCoO2, Lithium Mangan LiMn2O4, Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4, Nickel Metall Hydrid NiMh Batteries